What you'll learn.


Master the web’s markup language and craft well-structured and seamless semantic HTML.


Bring your websites to life with jQuery and use it to interact with popular web APIs using Ajax.


Dive into PHP and learn the basics of this popular server-side language, including a gentle introduction to object-oriented programming.


Develop mobile-first responsive web experiences for users, and add interactivity with CSS3.


Learn how to use JavaScript task runners to help enhance and automate your deployment workflow.


Build WordPress themes and plugins, and learn other WordPress essentials such as custom post types, fields, and taxonomies, as well as its new REST API.


Build your JavaScript foundation by learning the programming language of front-end development.


Learn how to use CSS preprocessors and incorporate Sass best practices into your development workflow.

Git & Github

Master version control using Git and open-source your code on GitHub.Git and GitHub

An amazing course overall! Very intensive but very rewarding, I was able to start my career as a front end developer within the first month of graduating the full-time web developer program.

Kevin H. on Course Report

Your journey.

Your day-to-day.

Our commitment to a fully engaged learning process extends into the creation of an energizing environment where you have the time to work and play.

Active Learning Methodology.

Instructors facilitate lessons which are designed to be highly interactive and engaging to optimize your retention rate. We are passionate about making learning fun.

Industry Guest Speakers.

Industry-taught leaders are often invited in to help with the delivery of specialized topics, and to share inspiring insights on the state of the industry.

Peer & Instructor Feedback.

Peer evaluation is a tremendously effective way to not only gain the skills required to assess the quality of a team member’s work, but also to learn how to receive and articulate constructive feedback to them.

Networking & Field Trips.

You will be given the opportunity to visit agencies and businesses hiring for digital roles to gain a better understanding of company cultures and environments.

Project-Based Applied Learning.

You will be given time to work with your team on client projects. It’s during that time that instructors, mentors and TAs will be available to give you guidance and feedback on your work.

Personal & Professional Development.

Technical skills and knowledge are one thing, but the reality is that soft-skills are really what will make you a key member of any team. Creativity, empathy and collaboration are the themes we focus on in our PPD program.

Your career.

Our Career Support Team is there to support you through your job search process. They will advise you on job opportunities, introduce you to the RED hiring network and coach you during job interview and negotiation. You will also be given continual support from your instructors. This includes connecting to industry professionals and providing references to potential employers. We are committed to supporting our graduates until a job offer is made within their respected fields of study. The development roles outlined below are most commonly available to students post graduation but are not limited to these roles.

Build websites for clients working at a Digital agency or as a freelance developer.

The details.

Start Date

June 30, 2020





This bootcamp enables students to develop the necessary skills to succeed in a career as a junior front-end web developer.

The Web Developer Professional bootcamp has been designed to help students acquire the necessary skills to start a career as an industry-ready front-end web developer. Throughout this intensive 12-week bootcamp you’ll learn the fundamental technical skills for this career path, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, and WordPress.

You’ll also learn about responsive web design and how to use build tools such as Gulp and Webpack. Throughout the bootcamp, you’ll have the opportunity to build up your portfolio with a series of individual projects, and at the end of the bootcamp work in a small team to build out a real-world project for a RED community partner.







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